June 17, 2024
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The quality and price of the flooring you choose are just as important as how well it’s installed. That’s why they offer shop for flooring in our mobile showroom. It’s an easy way to view several flooring samples from all the major vendors, set up an appointment to see each sample first-hand, and then make your mind based on what suits you the best.

Buying new flooring is more accessible than redecorating

If you need new flooring, the first step is to ask whether you want it to match your current decor or clash with it. If you want it to match, that’s easy. You can buy it at Home Depot and install it yourself on the weekend.

Suppose you want your flooring to clash with your decor. You need professional help. Matching flooring requires a trade-off between materials and labor costs; clashing flooring requires a trade-off between labor costs and opportunity costs.

Making your room look new again is more accessible. It just means finding a new style of flooring that you like and changing the floors. Even if it takes you a while to find what you want, the length of time will be orders of magnitude shorter than if you started by looking for a sofa or a rug or curtains or anything else other than flooring.

Get a personalized flooring experience.

Sooner or later, nearly everyone has to shop for flooring in our mobile showroomIt’s a big decision. You have to figure out what will fit in your house, look, and how it will wear over time. So you want as much information as you can get.

And there is no good way to get that information from the usual sources. You can call a flooring company and ask them to send someone in with samples. But one may have to wait a week. And then, the sample person may not know much about flooring; he may be just a salesman, or he may be too busy to spend a lot of time talking with you, or he may tell you something you already knew or lie about how the sample will look in your house, or try to sell you an inferior product at a premium price.

You could go online to the flooring company’s website and find out some of what they know by reading their marketing materials. But not much; they don’t want customers reading those materials because they are trying to make money selling you more stuff, not less.